Category Archives : Testimonials This website describes itself as “User Submitted Trivia and Opinion.” Users post their own lists of “five” things, which range from the serious (”Five Countries That Censor Your Internet”) to the strange (”Five Animals That Have Been Used as Weapons”). Lesson: When you can’t create … curate Read more: promotes itself as […] | CBS Company


“Jimm has helped me stay ahead of the curve in web design. The world is moving too fast and someone needs to be on the trail ahead of you, looking for the changes and opportunities. That’s Jimm. In addition his knowledge about website navigation, SEO, and Pay-Per-Click has helped clients and potential clients find and […]

Encore Talent Productions, Inc.

“After myWebSource1 designed my website, I immediately received positive feedback.  My customers commented on how professional it looks and how easy it is to find information on it.  I would recommend to anyone needing help on designing or updating their website.”   Terri Shaffner Encore Talent Productions, Inc.

Savvy Equestrian

“I’ve worked with Jimm on a couple of projects and I have been pleased with the final work product. Reports are professionally produced, well structured and packed with useful information.” ~ Beckie LaSalle, Owner of Savvy Equestrian